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Popping Radiators - Fan resistor

Thanks to julesbass on the 260s' website.

A couple of 260s have had an issue with repeated bursting radiators. The problem was diagnosed as the cooling fan which should run at half speed when the aircon is on and it apears that the cooling fan resistor fails. Apparently these are notorious on the Rover 75's for failing and a mod is to double / upgrade the wattage to a 100 watt type. The resistor is the aluminium component a little bigger than a AA size battery, between the fan blades and the radiator with black wire either end of it).  So if you do get a burst ; before just replacing the rad find the cause of it's premature failure, check your fan is running at half speed with air con on (assuming your A/C is fully operational!), then get someone to check the value of the resistor for you.

Or here's how to do it yourself:

1) First whip off the front bumper!  (Easier to write than do)
Bumper off

2) Then remove the screenwash water bottle
remove water bottle

3) Remove the headlights, radiator, expansion tank and radiator cowlings
2 remove other stuff

4) Cut though cowling to remove the old resistor
cut through cowling here

5) You need to extend the cable a bit as you need to mount the new resistor on the front crossmember to get a good flow of cooling air.  You can solder like in the picture or use a couple of bullet connectors.
Join resistor

6) New 100 watt 0.3 ohm on left compared with weedy original
New 100 watt 0.3 ohm resistor

7) The old part is 16mm deep whereas the new is 24mm.
Resistor sizes

8) Solder the new resistor to you extension cable, and lather it with heat transfer compound if you are really worried about heat dissapation - careful it is mucky stuff an gets everywhere!

9) Drill a couple of holes to the crossmember and screw the resistor in place with a couple of self tapping screws. Prpbably worth putting some primer in the holes to inhibit corrosion.

Drill crossmember to fit resistor

10) Drive up a big hill to test you new mod!
Drive it!

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