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The Spunagain Fleet

Current Fleet

2010 Lotus Evora 4 seats, practical replacement for the Elise.


Evora rear

2010 Mini Cooper Converible  (2003-) dinky, 4 seats, no roof 182 hp - what's not to like?

2004 ZTT190  (2003-)
The Family work horse for 9 years so far.

ZTT Image

Previous Cars
1998 Lotus Elise (1998-2012)
Tuned to 145 BHP and 146ftlbs torque it is a huge amount of fun!

Lotus Elise Image

2005 ZT 260 (2005-2010)

A 260 horse power V8 rear wheel drive a real Q car - only 900 made!

ZT 260 Image

1977 MG Midget 1500 (1988-2010)

Back to basics wind in the air unpretentious fun.

Midget image

1998 Rover Coupe VVC (2004-2005)
Sorry Rover Fans - I love the shape but it was a dreadful car. Badly put together and appalling handling + HG failure meant I did not keep it long!

Rover Coupe Image

1994 BMW 323i coupe (2001-2003)
Bought from the family as Mrs Spunagain had a bad back and the auto helped. Great car but dull and I never got let out at junctions!
BMW 323i Image

1993 TVR Chimaera 400 (1997-1998)
Fantastic beast of a car. Ran it for 2 years and sold it for exactly what I paid for it.  I still miss it!
Chimaera Front View

Chimaera  rump

The only Chimeara ever made with cloth seats - the first owner was a vegan!
Chimaera  inside

1972 Reliant Scimitar SE5A (1996-2001)
Real Q car tuned 170hp Ford 3L V6. Rebuilt it from a basket case in 9 months ran it for 4 years. It always suprised passengers!

1987 TVR S1 (1995-1997)
My first proper sports car. Never looked back! It was written off by a Discovery rear-ending me.
TVR S front

TVR S back

1992 Rover 214 Cabrio (1994-1995)
My Hairdresser moment.  This was a fab car, it went well, was cheap to run and very reliable.

1987 Ford Fiesta 1.4S (1991-1994)
Yay! Boy racer time.
Fiesta Front

Fiesta Back

1981 Austin Metro (1988-1991)
Cheap cheerful and I loved it!

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